Emjoi AP-18 Product Review

epilator 09If you are tired of using razor that usually causes uncomfortable cut on your skin during the shaving, then you must try an epilator. This is a small device that will effectively remove your unwanted hairs as well as its roots. Thanks to the presence of tiny ceramic/metallic tweezers inside it that makes this function possible. More interestingly, using this device is also easy. Plus, the result will last longer than the razor’s. So, if you are interested to it and about to buy one, below product is the highly recommended one for its easy operation and maximum result.

This product called Emjoi AP-18 more at http://epilatorpros.com. Manufactured by one of the leading hair removal companies in the world, Emjoi, this hair removal comes as the first hair removal that offers silver ion technology. With this technology, the AP-18 will provide you anti-bacterial protection. Then, another innovative technology that you can find here is “Glide Technology”. This is the technology that will lift up your hairs to make the removal process becomes easier and faster. Further, with the dimension about 5×1.5×5 inches and 1.4 pounds of shipping weight, this product appears in a compact shape with and also ergonomic handle.

Moreover, to support its function, the company has completed this epilator with advance features. One of them is the 72 tweezers that this product has. With these tweezers, you can remove the unwanted hair effectively with minimum pain. Then, it also owns two opposed head of staggered. This is the feature that will allow the device to cover larger area while removing and grasping hairs in one pass. Furthermore, some functional features such as middle finger lifting, easy operation, dual speed control, and more are also set in this device to create the better result of shaving. Lastly, if you are looking for the kind of features above, you can get them by affording this epilator with a price about $74.95.

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